Living Your Dreams Initiative

LYDi  sees a society where every family is functional and every child’s right is protected.

LYDi is a faith based organization that focuses on inner healing and soul care of wounded and hurting people. We begin with how childhood abuse affects adult. We drive towards healing and restoration of broken and hurting families.
LYDi is on a life journey to stop bad marriages from happening and ensure that the family is a safe place for children to thrive. We are tirelessly working to improve the lives of children, young adults and their families. Working with and for these above mentioned categories through the several stages of life hurts, wounds and pain requires a strategy whose outcome is to produce a transformed people who are better able to interact with people in a healthy loving manner and stop the use of unhealthy tools in human relationships.

Taking people away from prenatal wounds through childhood trauma and adolescence into healthy adulthood requires a global approach whose goal is to produce results and monitor their effects

LYDi also partners with faith based organizations, private and public corporations to help all children realize their rights—especially the most disadvantaged. Leaders, thinkers and policy makers all combine time, talent and treasure to stop the melt down on families and improve the social fabric of our society through this platform.