Transit Shelter

Dreams Child Development Programme is an arm of Living Your Dreams Initiative that releases children from various kinds of vulnerabilities and enable them to enjoy childhood with a loving family in which they are respected, cherished and their safety, wellbeing, peace and dignity are made paramount.
Dreams Child Development Programme is a total package that helps children to be free from the shackles of spiritual, emotional, intellectual, economic, social and physical poverty and grow to become confident, competent, caring, responsible and purpose-driven fulfilled adults.
Our biggest passion is to reduce the number of children living and surviving on the streets of our nation. This in turn will decrease the level of menace and juvenile crimes.
Our Dreams Child Development Programme also houses the Dreams Transit Shelter which was officially re-opened on 6th July , 2013 to commence the second batch of our Rehabilitation Programme. The 3R (Rescue, Rehabilitation and Re-integration programme) for street children therefore became our implementation strategy in taking these children off the streets as well as taking the streets from them, trace their families, resolve the conflict and re-integrate them back into the society as difference makers, agents of national development and catalyst for transformation.

The dreams teams between 9:30pm and 12:00 midnight go to main markets and major streets around Benin City: Oba markets, filling stations and Ebo streets around ring road, Iyaro bus park and 0gbe quarters in Edo state to meet the children. We make contact with these children, render services; food and psychosocial support and have conversations with them.