PRAISE REPORT for Segun Ajebor

Segun Ajebor is one of the children that was brought to the ‘Living your Dreams Shelter’. He was found in the street utterly hopeless after running away from an implacably hostile home environment. He was emotionally and physically abused by his father. Any perceived wrong doing on his part attracted the most unthinkable punishment from his dad. This often left him with serious wounds and broken spirit. He came to be enslaved by the fear that the dad may just kill him someday. To escape the possibility of this happening, he took a flight to the street. In the street he met with boys of similar circumstances. They forged a fraternity such as the home did not offer. He thought he had found love and affection which he lacked back at home. Even while he appreciated the fact that the street was a different world of its own with intimidating challenges, it was still better than the home that was no home. He melted into his new home and family. The only love he knew was that shown him by his fellow street mates. In no time he fell into the world of indecent conducts for survival. With relish, he did one crime after another. His tearful story changed when the ‘Living your Dreams Team’ ran into him in the street. He narrates the impact of that providential encounter in his life thus: ‘I was taken to their center where I was drowned in the ocean of love and affection. I smelt true love in their words, looks, touch, smiles and assistance. It was a home that had escaped me all my life. They call it a rehabilitation center. But I see it as a home of self discovery. Here I have come to realize who I am. I am now a bundle of joy. I am hemmed in from all directions by unconditional love. I am born again for I know God. Even with my vulnerability He loves me endlessly. I carry His spirit which misery, sorrow and humiliation can’t destroy. Now I can read and write. I am happy this center has midwifed a new me. I am now an apostle of divine love’


Segun sleeping at gas station in the street Segun


LYDI officer taking-in Segun with other children into our shelter and during prayer of their first night in our shelter


Doctor taking blood sample of Segun for examination

IMG_20160325_174332   IMG_20160328_141820

LYDI Officer conducting needs assessment of Segun, and also with one of our counselors


Segun with other children during the introduction of the program and our home schooled sessions


We  love to see every child in our shelter being transformed to transform others, we believed there are more works to be done until they are so soaked with the consciousness of God’s glory!