A heart transformed is a life changed

Healthy Family Apostles, Lasting Loving Relationships, Kingdom Cultured Heaven on Earth Families



Lasting Loving Relationships, Stronger Marriages, Creating a healthy balance, Successful Parenting, *Engaged, Healthy Family Apostles, Kingdom Cultured Heaven on Earth Families, Reason Relationships Fail, Communication, Inner Healing, Soul Care, Purpose, Destiny, Identity and Abundance



A Kingdom-based weekend training on the gate of the society called marriage and family. Marriage and family are channels of God’s expressions. We will explore the four components that must be incorporated in raising a healthy family (purpose, destiny, identity and abundance) which must be created within the confines of a heart-healed and transformed life. A heart transformed is a life changed.



Started with the realization of a gap in our education system with regards to raising fathers (husbands) and mothers (wives). It is disturbing that for a role which spans through a lifetime, there is hardly any avenue where such training can be got. Parenting is a lifelong occupation with no breaks or vacation time.  It seems so easy that many feel they can become parents or spouses by default. But it’s not. There is a crucial need to learn how to create healthy life-producing relationships by a change in the core organizing principle of our lives, one which can be achieved by a complete change of worldview. We can’t live with dysfunction in our relationships and have a functional and enjoyable life.

So with Firm foundation’s signature initiative, Living your Dreams came the idea of the  Institute Of Life And Family; a tool to raise kingdom cultured heaven-on-earth marriage, family and relationships



We will train and equip individuals who have the heart to become family apostles with the necessary soft and hard skills to be effective in this calling. Before you becomes a leader, success is about growing yourself, when you becomes a leader, success is about growing others – Jack Welch. The skills offered will also make you effective in helping and coaching others. We are highly committed to see the gate of family return to its original design as created by God by training a generation of leaders to become family apostles who will take the family by the hand and set it free from decay.

The college of life is beyond head knowledge. It is a vehicle for societal transformation, inner healing, impartation, identity, purpose, destiny and abundance activation. We need a new narrative in our families, marriages as well as relationships.

Your love is not fractured,

It’s not a troubled mind,

It is not anxious,

It’s not the restless kind, Love’s not passive,

It’s never disengaged,

Love keeps its promises, It keeps its word,

It honors what’s sacred, love is not broken, insecure, selfish.

Your love is pure.

These words from Bethel Music informed our picture of love in the College of Life and all our Unbound conferences.


All intended participants will have access to other courses in the school. The key goal is to have Healthy Family Apostles, Lasting Loving Relationships, Kingdom Cultured Heaven on Earth Families

Our courses include:

Inner healing and transformation

Levels of intimacy

Ongoing need for forgiveness

Family essentials and destiny

The Kiss of life (communication styles)

The code of honor parenting

Living and loving purposely

Family Identity code

Family abundance

The explosive generation in a family etc.





8,000 (early bird) before January 31st.

Payable to:


Living Your Dream Initiative

Sterling Bank



February 16th – 17th (9am)