Child Protection

Our Child Protection Service is an arm of Living Your Dreams Initiative that releases children from various kinds of vulnerabilities and enable them to enjoy childhood with a loving family in which they are respected, cherished and their safety, well being, peace and dignity are made paramount. Child Protection Service is a total package that helps children to be free from the shackles of spiritual, emotional, intellectual, economic, social and physical poverty and grow to become confident, competent, caring, responsible and purpose-driven fulfilled adults.
Our Mission statement is encapusalted in an acronymy called I.D.E.A.S plan, a global strategy for all our Firm Missions operations.
I- Improve and Establish Ultimate Relationship
D- Discover Develop and Deploy Servant Leader
E- Enhance the Lifestyle of the Poor
A- Assist,Give Love and Hope to the Sick
S- Strategically Educate and Train the Next Generation

Street Children Programming; Our biggest passion is to reduce the number of children living and surviving on the streets of our nation.This in turn will decrease the level of menace and juvenile crimes.

We have ensured that our shelter is safe stable and suitable for children to stay. Bed have been provided for each child with each of them having their separate languages, we also lay more emphasis on neatness of our shelter and its environs and ensuring that they are always neat we thought them how to wash their cloths daily, we create a system that make our shelter look always neat and accommodative for our children and visitors by appointing them as prefect in various segment of our shelter, thus making them participating and responsible in the activities going in the transit shelter We have caregivers who are constantly in the shelter; our aim is to ensure the following in the shelter
SAFETY: We believe that for the to use his full potentials, the environment must be safe for the child to stay and to protect the child from any form of abused.

PERMANENCY: Ensure the child have permanency and stability an also ensure relationship and connection between the caregivers and the children is preserve

WELL-BEING: We enhanced our capacity to provide the children needs and we ensure they receive appropriate service to meet their needs in education, psychosocial, health, food and nutrition, etc. in the best interest of the child.

In improving their lifestyle that is their ability to make quality decisions on issues and challenges they have faced and the ones they may still encounter, counselling sessions were held with the children individually and in group. With the children having issues with low self esteem, neglect and stigmatization; efforts were constantly made to make them appreciate themselves first and know their worth. They were also made to freely interact with neighbours and guests at the shelter who often visited to boost their moral.

Putting into consideration, their malnourished bodies, low body mass and their poor state of health, it was of great importance to constantly feed them three times daily with the best of foods most especially food rich in protein and vitamins with snacks served in between meals for quick recovery from their injuries and a rapid change in their growth. This service provision took bulk of the budget for the shelter as it helped fasten every other service in the rehabilitation programme.

Rehabilitation of street children is a challenging one as street children are increasing in our society; these children are exposed to different form of abuses and had labor. They are also exposed to different kind of drug substance. There are lots of challenges we are facing we need assistance from individuals, cooperate organization, NGOs and Institutions. These challenges are;
Facility; currently where are is not big enough to tackle to the challenge of increase in the number of street children, we need facility that can accommodate at least thirty children per batch as our facility currently accommodate only ten children, we need skill acquisition facilities to help train the children and their families for household economic strengthening as poverty is one of the reason for increase in street children. Sport facilities are also needed to help in their mental health and social relations.

Transportation; currently we don’t have any vehicle in our transit shelter, taking the children to tours and excursion is a big challenge because taking them to tour and excursion is essential for their psychosocial state. And also tracing their families becomes difficult with vehicles as our staff and volunteers result in long distance trekking to traced their families and these sometimes result to lost of interest in the job.

Sponsorship; A child needs your sponsors during their rehabilitation and after, you can sponsor in the areas of food, clothes, health and education.